Wednesday, January 5, 2011

About the Book

The NEW RtI: Response to Intelligence
by Dr. Sally Walker and Penny Choice

Yes, you read it correctly; RtI is known by many as Response to Intervention and was created to raise student’s academic achievement by using a tiered level model of services initially in reading with math following. The concept of “all children have a right to one year of educational growth each year they spend in school” was the thinking behind the design of RtI…with the intervention focused on children who were behind in their educational growth. Clearly gifted children were over looked…again. The authors take the tiered intervention model and turn it on its side to create a continuum of learning to support and challenge students with high potential who are so often bypassed in the regular academic classroom thus creating the NEW RtI: Response to Intelligence.

Some of the topics addressed in this book are intelligence, differentiation skills, categories of giftedness, dual/multiple exceptionalities, “survival” in the classroom for the educator and the students.

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