Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The NEW RtI: Response to Intelligence

Houston Area Cooperative Professional Development GT book studies are designed for participants to gain a deeper understanding of gifted students and strategies to meet their needs by combining professional literature with teacher reflection and discussion. The blog format of the book studies allows everyone to participate in a meaningful way.

The various classes offered within this course category are specifically designed to meet the needs of teachers of the gifted who have already completed their initial 30 hours. No initial GT credit will be given for any of these classes.

By each published meeting date, participants must respond to posted prompts about the reading and comment on at least 2 other participants’ posts. For book studies in the summer, the first face-to-face meeting is optional. It is for participants who are new to blogging and would prefer direct, hands-on instruction to get started. These participants must bring their own computers to the first meeting.

The focus of the book study is gifted education. Participants who complete all requirements will receive 6 hours of update credit in gifted education.

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